Kat Wawrykow
Graphic Design + Art Direction


est. 1994



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creative direction
common sense

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Kat Wawrykow (War-uh-co) is a creator who was born on an island in British Columbia, Canada. She is biracial, Ukrainian-First Nations. Her practice involves Graphic Design, Illustration, and Art Direction.

Born into a family of storytellers, travel and community were important parts of childhood life, feeding her desire to learn and experience as much of the world as she could.

In her junior year of high school Kat founded an online arts and culture magazine which grew to have an international staff from Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and Poland. At sixteen she interviewed at festivals abroad and fashion week events. Her time art directing photoshoots, interviewing and designing each issue's layouts inspired her to complete a Bachelor's of Visual Communication Design, Illustration Minor at the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2017.

Her underlying admiration of literature, history, and cryptology can be found throughout her work, in pursuit to make our world rich and meaningful once more. 

For CV please contact at hello@katwawrykow.com.