Kat Wawrykow
Graphic Design + Art Direction

The Usual Customer

The Usual Customer

MARCH 2014

Watercolor, Pencil Crayon, Gouache

This series is a narrative sequence, depicting a story baristas everywhere know too well: 

Mr. Monroony comes into Starbucks in his usual gruff, when it is his turn to order, he requests a no foam latte (and he expects to see not a drop of foam, or so help him.) Naturally these peasants are being slow, he doesn't have time for this nonsense. His drink arrives but wait.. Foam on his latte? Mr. Monroony's rage unfolds and profanities fly in every direction. Then he hears a nonchalant voice tell him that that latte is for a Ms. Fleur. Mr. Monroony pieces together what is left of his dignity and steps back to wait his turn.


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